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Happily Never After
by Missy Fleming

Happily Never After by Missy Fleming is Book 1 of the Savannah Shadows Series.

The author, in my humble opinion, has crafted a real masterpiece here! It is an intoxicating read that kept me hooked from the very first sentence of the Prologue -- “Mama always told me Savannah was home to more than just the living.” -- until the very end!

Happily Never After falls into the category of YA Paranormal Fantasy/Romance, and I’m sure it will have hosts of fans who enjoy reading books in this genre.

Quinn Roberts lives in Savannah, rumored to be the most haunted place in the US, together with her stepmother Marietta and Marietta’s twin daughters, Anna and Suzie. Treated with no dignity, Quinn is in charge of all the household chores and is always the first to blame if something goes wrong. Given the setting of the novel, it’s not a rare occasion. 

But that’s hardly the worst part for Quinn who feels the presence of spirits – good or evil – her entire life. One of such spirits wants to make sure Quinn won’t manage to live till her eighteenth birthday.

As she meets a famous actor Jason Preston, everything turns even more complicated for Quinn. The question that thrilled me the most was: Will she be able to break that “happily never after” for the Roberts family or no? I think the answer you’ll have to find out for yourselves, but I’m sure if you pick up this book, you won’t be disappointed.

Twists and turns make this book into a real rollercoaster. Dark bits and romantic scenes were balanced throughout the narrative and did not let my obsession with this book wane a little bit. The ending is absolutely fantastic! Kudos to Missy Fleming!

I look forward to reading A Strange There After, Book 2 of the Savannah Shadows Series, when it’s out there.


There's no such thing as happy endings.

Savannah, Georgia is rumored to be the most haunted place in America. Quinn Roberts knows it is. She's felt the presence of spirits her entire life, investigating and photographing them with her best friend. Only none of those encounters ever turned violent, until now. The menacing darkness feeding off her stepmother has promised she won't live to see her eighteenth birthday.

After a chance meeting Quinn reluctantly allows actor Jason Preston into her life, which has complications of its own. She's not used to letting people get close. Falling for him while fighting for her life, and her family's legacy, only complicates things more. Jason shows her exactly what she stands to lose, especially when she's being attacked by the mysterious entity. Each attack is more violent and terrifying than the last.

With Jason's help, she dives into the Roberts' family history, searching for a link between a woman who went missing a hundred and fifty years ago and what's happening now. What they find is a brutal murder and that the ghost doesn't just want to hurt Quinn, it wants revenge.

It wants her life.

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About the Author

Missy Fleming lives in beautiful Bozeman, Montana where her love of being outdoors often conflicts with her love of writing. Luckily, winter makes it a little easier. Missy contributes to multiple writing sites and Happily Never After is her first published novel in the United States. She is blessedly single, dedicating her affections to travel, writing, reading, family and her six year old Bichon Frise, Jack.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

ISLES END: A Spiritual Thriller by J.H.F. White

Isles End: A Spiritual Thriller
by J.H.F. White

I’ve read Isles End: A Spiritual Thriller by Joseph White twice, and both times I’ve enjoyed it immensely. This book is such an exquisite mixture of Thriller and Suspense, Paranormal Fantasy and Science Fiction that it will make any fastidious one-genre reader satisfied. ISLES END belongs to the category of books that you just want to return to.

The main character, Harry Turner, moves to a quiet town of Isles End in hope to be away from everyone after a terrible tragedy that took the lives of his parents and fiancée. Yet meeting an angel called Narcissus and Miss Beth Fairbanks changes Harry’s life forever.  

The dark forces lurking near the town of Isles End are not so happy about the angel’s appearance and Harry and Beth being together. Harry is not just any man. He’s special in many ways, but which ones you’ll have to find out yourselves. I especially enjoyed the supernatural elements -- the demons plotting against the main character and his guardian angel Narcissus -- as well as Harry and Beth’s interaction that was filled with trust, warmth and mutual desire to be with each other, in spite of everything.

I loved the exquisiteness of Mr. White’s descriptions combined with well-written dialogues. 

Here is an excerpt I simply adore, the moment Harry Turner meets Narcissus for the first time. Beautifully written:
“An intoxicating odor enveloped him, with an instant calming effect which relaxed his whole body. The fear that welled up was accompanied by a wonder that seemed to subdue the sudden horror he felt. He had the faint passing notion he should be terrified, but instead felt as though he were in a dream and could only watch as it unfolded before him. Still, even under this spell, he thought he might become sick with this unusual mixture of fear and wonder.” 

The final part of the book made me want for more. Just well done, Mr. White! A 5-star book! I look forward to the next book by this author!


“…an extremely well-written tale that bridges the gap between several genres for a refreshing uniqueness I’ve not experienced in a long time … just enough mystery mixed with the mundane to keep us guessing as to the true purpose of the story.” ~ John Breeden II, the author of Old Number Seven


A sculptor, musician, contractor and father, J.H.F. White resides in the Great Northwest devoting his time to the craft of writing and storytelling.

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TRIBESMAN by Paul Freeman

by Paul Freeman

This book is a must read for all Epic Fantasy lovers!

TRIBESMAN by Paul Freeman is an epic fantasy tale of a true warrior and an outcast, Culainn, who sets on a perilous journey in search of Cotterell the merchant’s daughter abducted by clansmen. In the lands he wanders Culainn is often prejudiced, people calling him Tribesman, which he considers an offence. There are a lot of things I enjoyed about this novel and first of all I’d like to say I enormously loved the main characters, Culainn and Persha (a woman Culainn saves from a group of villains on one occasion).

Paul Freeman is really great at characterization! Culainn makes a fantastic character. He is a strong, experienced warrior, blessed with the gift of sensing danger, yet haunted all the time by a dark goddess Morrigu, who is most often the sign of someone’s impending death. Culainn and Persha are together wandering the deserts, facing malevolent demons and other creatures that seek to kill whoever they find in their way. It’s a journey fraught with dangers and full of unpredictable twists and turns.

The book is filled with masterfully-written descriptions of the harsh and barren scenery. There are also quite a number of intense action-packed scenes here that are very visual and really well-done. This will especially appeal to action-oriented readers, I’m sure.  

I just can’t help admiring the author’s ability at writing such intense scenes as this one:
“Up close the creature’s hot and putrid breath assaulted him as it snapped its massive jaws. The claws on its hind legs ripped at his thighs, while the front paws pinned him to the ground. He needed both hands to prevent the creature from ripping out his throat, all the while his legs and torso were being torn to shreds. … He saw the blood-red eyes staring into his own and knew the beast was too powerful, his strength was failing fast. The creature shook its head violently from side to side in order to break free of his grip and get at him with its fangs. His muscles were beginning to burn from the agony of the demon’s ripping claws.”

There were also a few flashback scenes into Culainn’s childhood that helped relate to the warrior on a deeper level, and helped me get to know Culainn better. And it’s not only about him, I should say, but about the other characters as well.

I enjoyed Mr. Freeman’s manner of writing—it’s strong, mature, and just to the point. The scenes—especially the fight scenes—were very easy to visualize. It felt as if I were there, in the thick of the events. There were also a few romantic bits, not sickly sweet romantic, but appropriate for an epic fantasy book.

One of the parts of the book that I enjoyed the most was Culainn’s visit to Azral-Murbo, the city of the Dead, where he goes to save Persha. A great climax to the book!

To sum up, this is a must read for all fantasy lovers, especially those who enjoy epic fantasy! I look forward to future releases by this author!


A warrior in exile seeks a path home.
Banished from his homeland, a warrior of the Northern Clans grows weary of life in a harsh, alien land.
With the dark god Morrigu haunting his dreams, and a desert princess as a companion, Culainn, a warrior and champion sets forth on a journey north in search of a merchant's daughter abducted by clansmen and taken back across the mountains. Through a land baked by a scorching sun, where bandits roam free and dark beasts stalk the night.
An ancient evil is rising from the desert. A Benouin myth of a ghost city inhabited by the souls of their ancestors, a bridge to the Underworld is unleashing demonic creatures on an unsuspecting world. Culainn and Persha, warrior and mage stand alone against a tide of darkness. All the while, Morrigu, the dark war god of the north seeks to use Culainn as her own tool, her own champion.



Paul Freeman is a warrior, adventurer, and zombie hunter. He is from Dublin, Ireland, where he now works, plays and writes. In the past he has lived in Germany and America but is now content to keep his roaming to the worlds he creates and writes about.

Tribesman is his first published novel. He has also published a short story in the steampunk anthology, Strange Tales From the Scriptorium Vaults. A horror book, Season of the Dead, written with three other writers will be published by Spore Press in spring 2013.

He is currently working on Book 2 in the Tribesman series.

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