Saturday, 30 May 2015


by Joshua Jacobs

If you enjoy young-adult dystopian fantasy, I totally recommend you to get a copy of this book published by Kindle Press (this book is a Kindle Scout selection) and available for pre-order on Amazon

Alice Isaacs bears the mark of the afflicted. Unlike the millions before her, she survives. Afraid she is a carrier of the disease, Alice abandons her family and disappears into what remains of the world. Bodies litter the streets. Cities lie in waste. The government ceases to exist. What the Withering doesn’t destroy, the Clan kills, cleansing the world of those they hold responsible. Those like Alice.
Then one night Alice meets Brandon. He brings word of a rural town untouched by the sickness. He promises a future. He reminds her of what it means to feel… of what it means to love.
Yet the Clan is watching. They’re always watching.
Alice emerges from the shadows and follows Brandon’s promises into his hometown. Everything seems perfect. Too perfect. As hard as she tries, she can’t ignore the softly spoken secrets, the vengeful stares from the town’s elite, the smoke streaming from the woods as the clock strikes the witching hour.
With the imminent arrival of the Clan and the town’s sinister past set to reveal itself, Alice must make a stand, not only for herself, but for those she has come to love. Yet the more she learns about the Clan, the town, and herself, the harder it all seems. Because maybe they’re right. Maybe the mark does mean something. Maybe she is more than just a girl on the run. Maybe she did cause the Withering.

about the author


Joshua Jacobs teaches English and History to seventh graders in the middle of the blistering Arizona desert. He is an active runner who coaches cross country and participates in the occasional 5k. He collects books and movies and is always seeking the next adventure. He has been writing for eight years and has penned nine novels. Though his goal is to become a published author, he plans to teach until his students drive him insane.

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