Wednesday, 10 July 2013


by Eli Constant

I fell in love with DRAG.N from page 1. It was so riveting I laid all my other reads aside as I knew I wanted to finish this one first, before getting back to the other reads. It’s the first book by Eli Constant that I’ve read, but definitely not the last.

DRAG.N combines very powerful writing (not many bestselling books have) with excellent characterization and a fantastical plot that is actually very realistic to me. This novelette tells of a group of activists determined to take down technologies that drug the American nation and keep it brainwashed and “healthy”.

Even though it was a novelette, each character was fleshed out so well it seemed I knew them in real life. It doesn’t happen to me often even after reading a full-length novel.

I really enjoyed reading about Gracie Phillips, the creator of DRAG.N. Here's a short excerpt that, in my opinion, presents really well-done characterization:

The voice on the other end of the phone became more enthusiastic, cutting into her speech. “DRAG.N Inventor extraordinaire; I know who you are.”
Gracie paused; the praise made her uncomfortable. It always did, because down deep inside of her, she realized that inventing the DRAG.N was not something she wanted to be remembered for... like Einstein’s role in the development of the atom bomb.

I would definitely recommend this book to all who love well-written books. If you are a fan of dystopian novels, DRAG.N is a must-read for you.


The DRAG.N units were invented to support the marriage of the Universal Health Initiative (UHI) and Green Nation. Their purpose: mass airborne vaccinations to ensure health for all U.S. citizens. The illogically expensive vaccines serve another purpose though.

Laced with chemical agents, mescaline and fluoxetine, the vaccines have created a docile, drugged, and receptive American populace.

The anti-UHI activists are determined to takedown the DRAG.N and the corrupt healthcare system. Their planning has been meticulous, spanning nearly a year. Benton and Rachel Greer take the first steps towards raising the proverbial sword and slaying the DRAG.Ns. Will they succeed?

DRAG.N takes an imaginative look at the future of an America where human fundamental rights and freedoms are options rather than guarantees. This novelette chronicles three days in the lives of researchers, activists, a deceptive Presidential Cabinet, and a First Lady with secrets of her own.

DRAG.N is a brief dystopian novelette, political semi-satire telling a year-long-story with a satisfying conclusion in the span of a few days. The two central themes: Truth will out and America should mean freedom. Without exception.


Sunday, 7 July 2013

CHAINS OF PROPHECY by Jason Crawford

Great Debut!
by Jason Crawford

I really enjoyed reading Chains of Prophecy by Jason Crawford. This book has a great cast of characters, religion, action, humor and more.

Samuel Buckland doesn’t believe in God, but after a chain of tragic events in his life he’s going to change his opinion. The question is, will he live after meeting the one who’s trying to kill him?

The author did a great job bringing to life both good and evil characters, fleshing out the characters of Samuel Buckland and Gregory Caitlin, making them real. I loved reading about Sam dreaming about Mikey and the girl chained to the wall, and it was quite a surprise to find out who they really were. And of course a great idea about the book Sam found after his parents’ death.

Chains of Prophecy has great descriptions, action and dialogue. I’m sure the author had a great time writing this book. I now look forward to reading the next book in the series. 



In Chains of Prophecy, we follow Samuel Buckland, a twenty-three year old accountant, as he discovers a family secret - that he is the heir to the ancient legacy of King Solomon, sorcerer of God. Like any rational person, he doesn't believe it. It's not until his family is assassinated that he is forced to accept the truth: dark magics have imprisoned the Archangel Gabriel and someone is using her connection to the Godhead to learn secrets known only by the Heavenly Host. All Sam has to do is find her, free her from the grip of the evil sorcerer, and master the powers given to him.