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DOUBLES by Melissa Simonson

Terrific Debut Novel!
by Melissa Simonson

This is, in my opinion, the best book in the Thriller genre that I’ve read in a few years. Melissa Simonson’s Debut Thriller/Horror DOUBLES is one of my recent finds, or better say, jewels. If you are a fan of thriller books, this one is a must read for you!

I never expected to love the book the way I did, and after reading page 1 of this Manuscript I went on and on and just couldn’t stop. I’m a slow reader in general, but with DOUBLES I just wanted to keep reading faster and faster as I really wished to find out what would happen next.

DOUBLES is a Thriller with elements of Horror, featuring a twenty-one-year-old Cameron kidnapped by a ruthless maniac, Sam Atwood. Cameron’s got a twin sister, Amy, who had been previously kidnapped by the same maniac, but who managed to escape him. Now that he’s got Cameron, Sam wants to have the twin, Amy, as well.

Writing a book with multiple Points Of View is always a tricky thing because it’s really hard to write one convincing POV, let alone a few, but I must say Melissa Simonson made the most of it. There’s Cameron’s POV that is given in the first person, and there are the others that are third-person narratives. I didn’t feel uncomfortable or confused about them. Each is recognizable, believable, relatable, which shows the author’s ability to create unique yet believable characters. Of all the POVs, I enjoyed Cameron’s and Sam Atwood’s POV the most, although the others were well-written as well.

Another point I’d love to mention is Melissa Simonson’s manner of writing. I’ve been immensely impressed by it. It is very visual, and I could clearly picture each scene in the book. The short chapters kept the pace fast throughout the book, which eventually made it into a highly engrossing book. It’s also remarkable how masterfully the author triggered my imagination to run wild. Let’s just take this scene that impressed me a great deal:

“We’d both needed a stiff drink, or several, when the man had disassembled Julia’s body the way my brother used to snap the limbs off my Barbie dolls when I was little. He didn’t do it in front of us, but we could hear him sawing through her bones, his frustrated grunts, and the sound of her blood spraying like the stream of a hose, ricocheting off the door of the basement.”

Although Cameron didn’t see Sam performing this ceremony, she could picture what he was doing, and so could I through her descriptions. It was amazing! The images just kept racing through my mind. It’s not easy to accomplish, but Melissa Simonson managed it!

When I started DOUBLES, it reminded me of Nicci French’s LAND OF THE LIVING. If you read French’s book and loved it, I think you should try out DOUBLES because you’ll enjoy it so much more. It’s without a doubt a 5-star book!

I can’t wait to read the next book by this author! 

the book’s description:

Cameron is twenty-one and drunk when she’s abducted after a homecoming party. She doesn’t know where she is, why this has happened to her, or anything about her new cellmate, Colin. She has time to figure it all out though—nothing but time.

Amy, Cameron’s twin, doesn’t think much of her sister’s disappearance. She’s got her own life to contend with. Since Cam has gone missing, Amy’s been the glue holding her family together, but she’s not bulletproof, and she can’t shake the feeling that she’s being watched.

Sam has too much anger, a penchant for blondes, and a fondness for voyeurism and electromagnetic shock. He’s good at hiding—not even his wife knows he’s a monster dressed in janitor’s clothing. Maybe that’s why he’s gotten away with his dark desires for so long.


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