Sunday, 23 November 2014


The immortality game
by Ted Cross

This thrilling read is going to be available for download on Amazon US and UK today (links below!) and you wouldn’t want to miss it!

Moscow, 2138. With the world only beginning to recover from the complete societal collapse of the late 21st Century, Zoya scrapes by prepping corpses for funerals and dreams of saving enough money to have a child. When her brother forces her to bring him a mysterious package, she witnesses his murder and finds herself on the run from ruthless mobsters. Frantically trying to stay alive and save her loved ones, Zoya opens the package and discovers two unusual data cards, one that allows her to fight back against the mafia and another which may hold the key to everlasting life.

Ted Cross’s The Immortality Game tells about a girl named Zoya who gets a mysterious package from her brother not long before she finds him dead, and who then has to flee for her life from the mobsters that killed her brother.
There is also Marcus who leaves Phoenix, Arizona for Moscow in search of that same package as it might help his dead father Javier Saenz (who only exists in the digital world) get a new body.
Set in Moscow of the year 2138, which is far from a safe place, The Immortality Game makes a riveting technothriller where there’s lots of action, tension and suspense. Realistic and gritty, it’s a perfect read for lovers of sci-fi and cyberpunk.
It would make a great movie, in my opinion. Can’t wait to read Ted Cross’s future releases.

Ted Cross has spent the past two decades traveling the world as a diplomat, all the time dreaming about writing fantasy and science fiction. He's visited nearly forty countries and lived in seven, including the U.S., Russia, China, Croatia, Iceland, Hungary, and Azerbaijan. He's witnessed coup attempts, mafia and terrorist attacks, played chess with several world champions, and had bit parts in a couple of movies. He currently lives in Baku, Azerbaijan with his lovely wife and two teenage sons.


  1. Great new sci-fi book from Breakwater Harbor Books!

  2. A Great New Sci-Fi Novel by Ted Cross.

  3. I think it would make a great movie, too--I'd like to see it!