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ISLES END: A Spiritual Thriller by J.H.F. White

Isles End: A Spiritual Thriller
by J.H.F. White

I’ve read Isles End: A Spiritual Thriller by Joseph White twice, and both times I’ve enjoyed it immensely. This book is such an exquisite mixture of Thriller and Suspense, Paranormal Fantasy and Science Fiction that it will make any fastidious one-genre reader satisfied. ISLES END belongs to the category of books that you just want to return to.

The main character, Harry Turner, moves to a quiet town of Isles End in hope to be away from everyone after a terrible tragedy that took the lives of his parents and fiancée. Yet meeting an angel called Narcissus and Miss Beth Fairbanks changes Harry’s life forever.  

The dark forces lurking near the town of Isles End are not so happy about the angel’s appearance and Harry and Beth being together. Harry is not just any man. He’s special in many ways, but which ones you’ll have to find out yourselves. I especially enjoyed the supernatural elements -- the demons plotting against the main character and his guardian angel Narcissus -- as well as Harry and Beth’s interaction that was filled with trust, warmth and mutual desire to be with each other, in spite of everything.

I loved the exquisiteness of Mr. White’s descriptions combined with well-written dialogues. 

Here is an excerpt I simply adore, the moment Harry Turner meets Narcissus for the first time. Beautifully written:
“An intoxicating odor enveloped him, with an instant calming effect which relaxed his whole body. The fear that welled up was accompanied by a wonder that seemed to subdue the sudden horror he felt. He had the faint passing notion he should be terrified, but instead felt as though he were in a dream and could only watch as it unfolded before him. Still, even under this spell, he thought he might become sick with this unusual mixture of fear and wonder.” 

The final part of the book made me want for more. Just well done, Mr. White! A 5-star book! I look forward to the next book by this author!


“…an extremely well-written tale that bridges the gap between several genres for a refreshing uniqueness I’ve not experienced in a long time … just enough mystery mixed with the mundane to keep us guessing as to the true purpose of the story.” ~ John Breeden II, the author of Old Number Seven


A sculptor, musician, contractor and father, J.H.F. White resides in the Great Northwest devoting his time to the craft of writing and storytelling.

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