Thursday, 4 April 2013


Review: The Book of the Forsaken (The Game, #1)

The Book of the Forsaken returns to my blog! Only now with a review that I meant to write ages ago. Here is it (also published on Amazon and Goodreads):

“The Book of the Forsaken” by Yannis Karatsioris is the first book in “The Game” Series.

From the very beginning this manuscript stands out with its unique voice that can rarely be found in fantasy books. This is the voice of an omniscient narrator who traps three puppets in his web, in order to get hold of a special sought-after artifact, the Book of the Forsaken, that holds the knowledge of the Forsaken races and of the mystical Game that takes place once every five centuries on the dark side of the moon.

Daniel, Cassidy and Igor are the three puppets. I enjoyed reading the characters’ introductions. All of them are very different, yet brought together to fulfill the storyteller’s task. I really enjoyed reading about them separately, and loved the chapters where they are together just as much.

The action takes place in a variety of locales that are all well-described, therefore easy to visualize. I commend the author’s choice of the settings. My favorite chapter would probably be Chapter 5 “The Occident Express” where there are twists and turns that I never expected to find in this book and that made me read the rest literally non-stop. After the character’s introductions the action keeps coming, faster and faster, make The Book of the Forsaken a rollercoaster of a read.

I love the author’s use of footnotes and also the way Yannis Karatsioris combines epic and modern fantasy concepts. I was glad to find that the author refrained from following the modern take on the myth of vampires and werewolves, but rather preferred to present a different one that really appealed to me. This is without a doubt an evocative read that will stay with you long after you’ve finished it.

I look forward to reading Book #2 of “The Game” Series.

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