Tuesday, 7 May 2013

HAZARD PAY by Melissa Simonson

by Melissa Simonson


Hazard Pay by Melissa Simonson is Book 2 in John Maxwell series that can also be read as a stand-alone book.

The cast of characters here is different from Doubles (Book 1), except for Agent John Maxwell who is in charge of the investigation. This time a girl named Allison seeks to avenge her brother Miles’s brutal murder. Miles was shot by the drug dealers he and Allison had produced drugs for, and now all Allison wants is blood and revenge.

During the day of Miles’s death, Allison is saved from the drug dealers’ boss Reid by Reid’s right-hand man Robert Rosario (or Bobby), and they unleash their killing spree (as Bobby also has some issues with Reid and Co.). Meanwhile, Agent Maxwell is trying to catch Allison, Bobby, and Reid.

Though Hazard Pay is different from Doubles in content, it is as great a book as Book 1. I wasn’t bored for a single minute reading about the drug cartel and business; the descriptions were easy to visualize, and it seemed like I was watching a movie.

I enjoyed descriptive passages like this:
“We were far enough away to avoid the blast, but a rapid rush of blistering warmth blew over the Corolla, heat waves shimmering behind the windshield, dust motes sparkling in the light of the explosion.”
It’s as if I’m right there, watching the scene with my own eyes.

Allison’s chapters are written from 1st point of view while the rest is in the 3rd point of view. I must say I enjoyed both the manner of writing and the plot line. Melissa Simonson has done a great job here. And the ending … I realized you can never guess how this author’s books will end.

HAZARD PAY is a roller coaster of a read! I highly recommend it and definitely look forward to the next book by Melissa Simonson!


Allison and her brother Miles have been on their own as long as they remember, but they’re not doing badly— they’ve got two million in an overseas account. The downside is that how they make their living is illegal.
The second drawback is Reid.
A lie seals Allison’s death warrant when Reid decides it’s high time for house-cleaning. She escapes with the aid of an unlikely partner, but Miles isn’t as lucky.
Bobby—Allison’s savior—tells her to run. It’s what Miles would have wanted. He’s right. But she can’t leave and allow her brother’s murderers to carry on with their business.
Murderous vengeance isn’t healthy, Bobby says. It’ll only lead her to a very dark place. Maybe she’d pay his advice more mind if he weren’t enforcement for a drug kingpin.
She doesn’t know when she’ll feel whole again or if it’ll ever happen, but there’s one thing she needs before worrying about healing: blood.


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