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by Scott J. Toney

I'm delighted to announce about a new release by a very talented writer and a great friend of mine Scott Toney. I had a great time reading it and I encourage all lovers of sci-fi and fantasy to take a look at it.

NovaForge description

Solaris. A planet like any other, rife with wars, science and love. But at the peak of its civilization, a great meteor fell, bringing long-dead souls to Solaris, souls that had been sustained by the life-force of one lone man, Ineal.
At the moment of impact, these souls scattered across Solaris, giving inhuman abilities to mortals while scarring their bodies and corrupting their lives.
Samuel was one such man, a man of faith who thought to use his powers to worship his God: he watched his followers, and his planet, die. Seas turned to lava and the skies darkened. And as Samuel’s heart grew weary and angry, he used his powers to manipulate the world to serve him alone.
Samuel became god of a planet whose only life was the symbiotic life so like his own.
Centuries later, he discovered others, threats that had not been on this planet before. A winged woman; a cyborg; a future-seer and a child. A great vengeance burned a comradery between them.
They were souls that could overthrow him. Souls that he would need to destroy.

My review of NovaForge

If you are looking for a highly captivating read, you may stop here and try out NovaForge by Scott Toney. It’s Book 1 of the Nova Trilogy, set in the distant future on Solaris, a planet that suffers a fall of a meteor that brings dead souls with it and scatters them all over the planet to scar people’s bodies and enslave their minds.
And there’s one man, Samuel, who has the power to manipulate the souls. Julieth, Riad, Ivanus, and Bayne are the only ones who can stop Samuel.
I was very impressed by the novel on many levels. First, the world-building. Scott Toney has done a great job inventing a new world with creatures you’ve never read about. The author paints vivid pictures of the world where the story takes place and of the monsters this world is teeming with. Well done!
Second, the pace of the novel. You’ll never get bored reading NovaForge. From the opening scene you get right into the action that’s going to make your heart thump wildly. There are parts where the main characters are given a break from action, and these parts give us a chance to get to know the characters better.
NovaForge is a well-structured, captivating novel with twists and turns. It has a great ending that made me want for more. I look forward to reading Book 2 of the series.

About the Author

Barbershop Singer, Father, Husband and Author, Scott J. Toney is a family man first and a great lover of the written word. With over 45,000 copies sold he tackles Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Christian genres, using his Journalism and Public Relations background in constructing characters and worlds.

His first book, The Ark of Humanity, is a what-if mer novel based on the story of Noah and the flood. Scott is also the author of NovaForge, Eden Legacy, {Lazarus, Man} and Hearts of Avon, a Romantic Suspense novel dedicated to his wife. For a breakdown of Scott's novel genres, look below.

NovaForge - Sci-Fi
The Ark of Humanity - Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Religious Fiction
Eden Legacy - Fantasy/Religious Fiction
Lazarus, Man - Christian/Historical Fiction
Hearts of Avon - Romantic Suspense/Christian

Scott joins forces with other authors as a member of Breakwater HarborBooks and is enthusiastic about the worlds and stories to come.

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