Wednesday, 13 May 2015


by Paul Freeman

A moment in time, unforeseen, unavoidable, can change a life forever. A Dublin taxi driver’s life pivots on a moment of insanity when a teenage girl loses her life. So begins a dark journey for Danny Coyne; he’s not responsible for her death, yet he carries the guilt. He seeks solace in drinking and pushes away those closest to him as he steps into the life of the dead girl and forms a bond with her best friend. His self control will be tested to the limit as he seeks to mete out justice on those responsible and fight his own inner demons. Every choice has a consequence.


One moment can change one’s life and turn it into a real nightmare. Paul Freeman’s TAXI shows that so vividly. A Dublin taxi driver Danny Coyne’s life changes within a second, when he accidentally kills a girl. Though it isn’t his fault, guilt-ridden, he starts drinking, hoping to alleviate his suffering, but only pushing everyone who loves him away. He wants those responsible for the girl’s death to get what they deserve.

TAXI is different from Paul Freeman’s other novels genre-wise. What is common about all of his books is that I find myself instantly immersed into them. The pace and character development are handled by the author exceptionally well. The novel is not rushed, but also never dull. The story flows great. The characters are believable and the character development is amazing. Couldn't put it aside until I’d read the last page.


Paul Freeman is from Dublin, Ireland, where he now works, plays and writes. In the past he has lived in Germany and America but is now content to keep his roaming to the worlds he creates and writes about.

Tribesman is his first published novel, an epic fantasy with hints of Celtic myth. He has also published a short story in the steampunk anthology, Strange Tales From the Scriptorium Vaults. Season of the Dead is a novel about the zombie apocalypse, told from four different perspectives by four different authors. Season of the Dead is published by Spore Press.

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