Monday, 9 September 2013


by Dean Lombardo

I had a great time reading SPACE GAMES by Dean Lombardo. It’s the first book I’ve read by this author, but I’m sure it’s not the last. It’s about a tournament between a man and a woman taking place in space, where they have to beat each other in a series of events in order to get a 3-million-dollar prize.

This book shows in a vivid way that greed and lust for money and fame outshine sanity and morality. The world-building, the characters, the writing – everything is so realistic, so natural and detailed it’s like you are watching a fast-paced movie. The book is very intense so once I started reading it I couldn’t stop. There’s a lot of violence and cussing, but they just couldn’t be helped, and I didn’t mind them as much as I do in other books.

The fast pace, the events the main characters took part in, the cast of characters introduced by the author made SPACE GAMES an engrossing read. Totally recommended to those who love a well-written, well-structured novel with a message.

I loved the way the author showed what impact TV and the Internet have on most people. And, by the way, while reading about the games I groaned when a commercial was coming up. I’d definitely love to see it as a movie some time soon. 



Dean Lombardo works as a writer in the information technology industry, turning what is often techno-babble into messaging that can be understood by a general business audience. At age 11, he was psychologically scarred by the movie “Alien” and has been watching, reading and writing frightening science fiction and horror ever since. “Space Games” (Kristell Ink, May 2013) is Dean's second published novel. Dean lives in northern Virginia with his family and the world’s most beautiful yellow Labrador Retriever, Trixie.

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