Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Purple Morrow (Rise of the Papilion: Book I)
by Dyane Forde

The Purple Morrow is an exciting, well-written fantasy tale set in a unique world where the Rovers from the North tear through the Southernlands where the main characters of the book live.
Jeru, a clan hunter, suffers after the loss of his wife and tends to stay away from his clan, but the threat hanging over his clan and the clans close by doesn’t let him stay uninvolved when the people dear to him get hurt. What I immediately noted to myself is that the author did a great job creating three-dimensional characters that are easy to relate to. It doesn’t only refer to Jeru, but to Nyssa and Kelen as well.  
Dyane Forde is a gifted storyteller, paying a lot of attention to detail that makes her narrative believable and easy to visualize. I really enjoyed being immersed in this book, and I’d love to read the continuation of the story.

Wolf'sBane (Rise of the Papilion: Book II)

The Rovers have invaded the Southernlands, sending its inhabitants fleeing for respite. Waylaid in a defunct desert town, and reeling from revelations about his past, a powerful, emerging evil lures Kelen to seek vengeance. Though he resists, Kelen soon learns that the Shadow Man will not relent until a terrible, ancient claim is fulfilled.
As Marathana quails under the burgeoning darkness, Jeru’s clan looks to him to lead. Jeru, however, knows his path lies elsewhere. Leaving everything behind, he braves the Badlands, a hellish desertland where only the bravest dare tread, to awaken the latent spirit of the Papilion within him. Jeru learns much in that place of desolation, including one truth which could turn destiny on its head. Now more than ever, Kelen, the Wolf of the North, threatens everything he holds dear. Jeru must choose: save the people he loves, or sacrifice them to save Marathana.

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